Taxi Shopping City South - SCS Vösendorf

Taxi from/to

Mercedes E-Class Estate (VIP)

1-4 people

Mercedes 8-seater Van extra long

5 or more persons

Airport Vienna - VIE€35€45
Vienna downtown€35€45

The Shopping City Süd (SCS) is a shopping center located near the southern outskirts of Vienna in Vösendorf (Mödling district), part of which is also in Wiener Neudorf. It was founded in 1976 by Hans Dujsik (1924-2003). With a sales area of around 173,000 m², it is one of the largest shopping centers in Europe and the largest shopping center in Austria. Whether the SCS is the largest shopping center in Europe is a matter of dispute, since several shopping centers claim this title for themselves in terms of the number of visitors, sales revenue, or sales area.